Monday, August 21, 2006

Volunteers Needed!

The Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair collective is seeking volunteers for a number of positions both during, and leading up to, the 2006 bookfair. Past fairs have been successful in a large part due to the generous people who have contributed their time and talent to this event, and this is a great opportunity to meet with your local activist community.

There are lots of positions requiring various levels of skill and time, so if you are interested in helping out, we hope that you find something that appeals to you listed below.

The Kitchen...this is one of the most well received aspects of the bookfair. We take great pride in our ability to provide free vegan food (or by donation to those who can pay) during the event. It is a great time to show off your ability to cook some of your favorite recipes, and to learn some new ones. Fore those who are not so handy wearing a chef hat, there is also lots of collecting and chopping of food (as well as the ever popular dishwasher). There may be some need for preparing food before hand, so if you are not available for the labor day long weekend you could still have the opportunity to help out.

Child Care...this is gives the parent/caretaker an opportunity to freely attend workshops, talk to vendors, and brows the various aspects of the fair with a little more freedom that they may usually be accustomed. It also gives the child a positive feeling towards "these kinds of events" that they sometimes get dragged to. We have a certified childcare worker that will need assistance, so if you think you can take on the challenge it may be a good way to brush up on your coloring skills! (small honorarium provided)

Postering/hand billing...we had between 800-1000 people come through the last bookfair, and would like to get even more this time around. So that means there will be lots of posters that need posting, and lots of hand bills that need handing.

Setup/tear down/cleanup...every table that gets unfolded will eventually need refolding, chairs will need to be unstacked then restacked, floors will need to be swept and bathrooms will need to be cleaned, (I can handle that last are way too soft-core for that)

Production of merchandise...Usually there are hand made products like shoulder bags, or chef hats, there was talk earlier in the year of vests for the door greeters, (insert walmart joke here). There also may be some screen printing done on to t-shirts. Someone who knows how to use a sewing machine, or desires to learn how, would be quite handy at the moment. Any ideas in this department will be greatly appreciated. If you are crafty and know of something that would make cool merch/gifts we would love to hear from you.

Transportation...people may need a ride to or from the airport, the kitchen may need some things picked up and delivered to the hall, that kind of stuff.

Billeting...we will have cool people coming from cool places, many of whom are on a shoe string budget, and thus we attempt to keep their costs to a minimum. If you have some space to share with our sisters and brothers it would be much appreciated. A brief description of the living space may be required, ie. pets present? Space available (couch, bed, floor) ? Vegan/vegetarian/omnivore? How many welcome? Is gender an issue? Anything else we should know?

If there is any other way that you think you can contribute, please contact us, we are always open to new ideas and input from the community, and strive to welcome anyone with an open mind.

Thanks for your support! Please send all responses to

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